Every Roof Matters

This B-Corp coworking space in East London had a number of ‘sedum’ roofs which had all failed. There were almost no plants on the lower roofs, and only between the solar panels on the top roof.

What had gone wrong? As often the case, one or more of the following

  • no irrigation during the watering-in period
  • rainshade (unlikely – we got soaked while we were working there ?)
  • cheap substrate (stuff the plants grow in) that drains too freely
  • not deep enough top cope with extended dry-periods


Our brief: get the roof singing without replacing it

Method: keep it simple, scoop the existing substrate into deeper piles that give the plants a chance of surviving in the extended dry periods, add pebbles to the areas between and irrigate

Flourishes: we added a 2m high habitat panel on a south facing wall in the shape and colour of the company logo, which really makes the scene pop



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