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Leak in green roof London It can be difficult to find roofing companies willing and able to detect and fix leaks under green roofs. We are here to help.

We have been installing green roofs and waterproofing in London and beyond for over a decade. If you have a leak in your green roof, our diagnostic service can help.

We offer a diagnostic service which includes an inspection by an experienced green roof professional. If its a quick fix that can be done in a timely fashion we will. If more work is required to establish the problem, or the fix is more substantial, along with an estimate we will provide written recommendations that you can seek a price for from non-specialist roofing contractors.

Don’t leave a small problem to get worse: as you can see a tiny leak can become an expensive repair if left unattended



We can also help control Buddleia, which has roots which can cause damage to the fabric of the building if left unattended. Buddleia are not often found on green roofs but when they are its important to not leave to grow. We avoid the use of chemical herbicides, and use non-toxic environmentally-benign alternatives

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