Every Roof Matters

Once you’ve got a green roof thats worth looking after again, we recommend a care package be put in place – and its not just the plants that we can look after. A quick inspection of everything else visible up there is a great way to catch small problems when they cost £50 to fix, not £5000

Considerations and costs

While we design and install every roof to thrive year after year, a big part of ensuring that happens is to undertake a visual inspection and perform some simple tasks once or twice a year. For sedum roofs, Spring is the best time to visit whereas for meadow roofs a high Summer ‘hay cut’ is optimal (with an option for a further Autumn trim to ready your roof for winter).


  • Clear drainage channels
  • Remove problem plants that may have taken
  • Leaf litter clearance (late Autumn)
  • Overseeding and plug planting to increase biodiversity & cover
  • Visual inspection of mastic seals, render and brickwork: if we see anything that needs attention we’ll let you know
  • Cleaning skylights: better to have a green roof expert than a window cleaner on your plants
  • Non-horticultural approach to care: promoting habitat restoration, not simply strimming and fertilising
  • Optional report detailing the plant and insect life on your roof we’ve observed on your, its overall condition and recommendations for future care.

Qualified personnel

Green roof maintenance, where conducted by trained and experienced staff, will ensure the initial establishment and continued health of the vegetation and invertebrate communities. We have expertise in both roofing and green roof ecology, so our maintenance contracts ensure peace of mind not just in terms of the plants but of your roof as whole. Our staff are knowledgable about UK native meadow and sedum planting so can help maintain the plant communities as they evolve, but are also experienced roofers that are on hand to spot and rectify issues as they occur.


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