Every Roof Matters

Be proud of your green roof again: improve its appearance and ecological contribution quickly and cost-effectively with our competitively-priced revive options

Mosaic approach (enhancement)

We rarely replace a whole roof. Our most cost-effective intervention rectifies problems in small areas (bare patches, exposed fleece and roof linings for example, with the option to add some simple habitat features (log piles, shingle or sand for bees – see below) or a more decorative bespoke habitat panel that we fabricate ourselves.

Add as many as you want, supply only or supply & install:  affordably rejuvenate specific areas to improve appearance and ecological habitats. Make good on your original investment without having to start all over.


Replacement (partial or full)

Rarely needed but in extremis we can lift the existing material, save what can be reused (plants and ‘soil’) and augment with good quality materials and species suitable to the location and aspect of your roof. We have some innovative approaches of our own to lightweight green roofs – drawn from years of experience – so it might not be necessary to add more weight than is there already.

We can also add from the range the habitat features below too so you can be sure it making a meaningful contribution to the ecology of your local area


Decorative biodiversity features & habitat panels


Bare areas of variegated stone and sand, log piles and water features are all ways of providing  space for the invertebrates that will be attracted by the flora on your roof. We can also make high-visual impact custom habitat panels to order, including in the shape of company logos and mongrams: ask us for more details.

In a nutshell

After a survey, we can add additional substrate in specific areas as well as installing land art and biodiversity features. This not only provides beautiful counterpoints to the plant growth, but also refugia for pollinators and other invertebrates, turning your roof into a home for biodiversity.

On the occasions where a full re- planting really does seem like the best idea, we have HayBaseTM – a lightweight solution that is the same weight and cost as a GRO-compliant sedum roof which was used on one of our sister company’s projects on the Isle of Man – which we were delighted to see reach the final of the Grand Designs House of the Year Final in 2019

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